Grünberg mobile home park on Jakobsweg

There are currently

free parking spaces


Group reservations possible
for up to 51 parking spaces


Derzeit liegen keine Informationen vor.

The opening weekend in March 2023 – a big thank you!

Events at the pitch

My Grünberg beer garden “Gemini”
The beer garden opposite is expected to go into operation, including indoor dining, from March 1st and April 1st at the latest.
The renovation work is in full swing. A tenant was found.
Reservotion only possible for group meetings of 10 or more motorhomes!please via email or contact form)

Overwinter – Do you live in your mobile home and are you looking for a permanent parking space with sanitary facilities and supplies and disposal from November to February? We offer 10 parking spaces at more favorable conditions. (Inquiry by email)
Please do not enter the fountain, do not use it to wash your hands, give dogs a drink, etc. The water is enriched with chemicals (chlorine, algae removers, flocculants and pH reducers), lamps are glued into it and just to look at (no paddling pool, water bowl or Kneipp pool). It's even a magical fountain! Anyone who touches the water gains 15kg within 24 hours, which is reflected directly on the stomach and hips and doesn't go away. 🙂 Thanks!

Environment and nature conservation

Dark Blue Ant Blue 

No use of the meadow for the time being!

Unfortunately, the rear part of the parking space cannot yet be prepared as a parking space as planned. 
In the meadows near the parking space there lives a Dark Blue Ant Blue (a rare butterfly), which would like to be relocated to another area beforehand.
For the stated reason, this area is not permitted to be entered. The nature conservation authority has asked for a fence. We ask that you take your dogs out on the adjacent forest and field paths and dispose of the dog waste.
Like the light meadow blue, the dark blue is listed in appendix II and IV of the Habitats Directive and is therefore strictly protected at European level.

Sanitary, garbage and WiFi

As long as we are unable to build a sanitary area on the mobile home park property due to the ant blue disease, newly renovated toilets and a unisex shower are available to you on the opposite side of the street in the “House at the mobile home park” zur Verfügung. (Nicht behindertengerecht im 1. OG).
You can enter the building via the entrance door at the parking lot.
To use the shower, you need 1 euro per 3 minutes of shower time. The water supply then automatically closes. Of course you can also insert 2 x 1 euros and have 6 minutes.
Please separate the garbage and do not throw away furniture, electrical appliances, clothing or other strange items.
You will receive the access data at the cash desk.
The disposal of gray water, chemical toilets and the removal of fresh water is only possible in conjunction with a parking space rental for at least 1 day. The fee is due immediately upon entry.

Impressions of the mobile home park

Impressions of Grünberg

Useful information

Busverbindung am Platz (Arbeiterwohlfahrt) – Stadt Grünberg (Grünberg Schloss) als PDF Download

We would like to thank LEADER for the funding of €25,000:

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